I have always loved photography. As a young girl, I would play  with Barbies and baby dolls, set the scene and pretend to take pictures. I would also pose them in different ways and change the props to create different images. My dolls would shop for the latest fashions so that they would be prepared for their photo shoots. That creative play lingered in my mind and lead me to the path of professional photography.


In 2006, I began practicing my photography with my children as subjects and basic editing software. Through much practice with household items as props, my passion consumed me and I decided to further my learning. Sometimes, I didn't sleep at night because my mind and heart raced with thoughts of the art form. I researched and studied a great deal of photography technique, science and art to improve my work and further my ability to work with clients as a professional. In 2007, I joined a really amazing photography group online, which allowed me to further hone my skills. I started creating professional photography for clients this year (End of 2009).


I am truly blessed with a great deal of love and support from my family and friends. My sister Sasha has been a big inspiration to me and my work and I thank her for that.


I am very passionate about my photography and look forward to creating compelling imagery for you.